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This is a bibliography of finasteride-related articles in Hair Transplant Forum International, the official publication of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). The Society of hair transplant surgeons emerged in parallel with finasteride’s development. Its co-founder, Dr. Dow Stough, and others had roles as investigators, consultants and co-authors as Merck developed finasteride for hair loss.

The Society paid attention to finasteride since before the drug was approved. A 1994 article asked: “Finasteride…Should We be Worried?” Rather than finasteride replacing a hair transplant procedure, surgeons eventually embraced it as an adjunct treatment prescribed before and after the procedure. Finasteride might help retain hair in the area receiving transplanted follicles, or possibly spur regrowth.

When concerns about depression and persistent sexual dysfunction linked to finasteride emerged in 2010–11, the pace of articles picked up. In the wake of two label changes, lawsuits over persistent sexual dysfunction due to Propecia were filed and then consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL) in the United States with over 1,000 plaintiffs. Hair transplant practices and surgeons were named as defendants. As litigation proceedings unfolded, there was increased attention to the drug’s adverse effects in the Forum. Perspectives and evidence were shared in letters from the editor, President’s messages, “cyberspace chats,” meeting recaps, discussions of “controversies“ and literature reviews. Some authors, such as Dr. Robert S. Haber and Dr. Aditya K. Gupta, also published peer-reviewed articles on adverse effects of finasteride elsewhere.

Hair Transplant Forum International is not peer-reviewed. Access is strictly limited to members of the ISHRS, who must be verified as physicians. Tables of contents and full text of a few articles may be found here. In the bibliography, citations are in a shortened format: only author, title and DOI are provided. Full bibliographic information may be found by clicking on the DOI link.

See also: Hair or manhood—choose one?, describing the role of ISHRS-affiliated physicians in the development and use of finasteride as a treatment for male pattern hair loss.

Bibliography: Hair Transplant Forum International


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