Firsthand experiences XV: Male infertility

Excerpt from a post on r/TryingForABaby dated June 12, 2024 (emphasis added):

My Journey with Finasteride: A Plea for Guidance and Support

M30 and F30) had been trying to conceive baby, from over a year. Four months ago, i went for sperm test and got to know that my sperm quality had drastically declined. And i have asthenospermia. The motile sperm were only 20% which should be at least 40. And i mean really this asthenospermia hit us hard, i never thought of it can happen to me.

The culprit? Finasteride. I had been taking it to address hair loss, unaware of the profound impact it could have on my fertility. When I learned of the connection, I immediately stopped taking the medication, hoping for a swift recovery and a return to normalcy.

Today, after about 4 months…[t]he results are unchanged… The same poor quality, the same lack of mobility. It feels like we’re stuck in a nightmare with no end in sight…

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