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More reviews have been posted online since a compilation was published in 2023. While some are positive, others are alarming and consistent with adverse event reports submitted to FDA as well as media reports and some research. Find recent negative reviews from the and Ask a Patient websites below. Emphasis has been added in bold and quotes have been added as headings in bold.

Here are selected reviews of finasteride for hair loss on

I struggle now to maintain the erection

Currently noticing slight hair loss at 28 years old and decided to give this a go, but I cannot stress enough to not touch this, especially for young guys. Your body will be naturally producing high levels of test and DHT to alter these levels more than likely will cause really bad side effects. I personally had to stop after a few months. I experienced a really low flat feeling like something was always missing and nearly went on antidepressants because I thought it was me and not the drug. It really heightened anxiety and a lot of anger and agitation at everything. I noticed I’ve went from 7’9 erect to 6’4 erect, and I struggle now to maintain the erection. It can disappear extremely fast and ultimately lose it all, which was never an issue before, but I also have a lot of clear watery semen. I also pee a lot like I can’t fully empty the bladder, always frequently going. Thankfully, this drastically improved after stopping, but I still don’t feel 100% where I was before.

–teal on, June 22, 2023 • Taken for 1 to 6 months

I constantly regret taking this drug and think about what could have been had I never taken it.

I have no sex or romantic life

At the age of 19, I took finasteride for 2 weeks from dosages ranging 0.25mg to 0.50mg. This was easily the biggest mistake of my life. As a consequence of my usage, I went on to rapidly develop post-finasteride syndrome – for me characterized by continuously cold and numb genitals, muted orgasms, near absent libido, and weakened erections. It’s been 2 years that I’ve been in this hell and because of this, I have no sex or romantic life. I constantly regret taking this drug and think about what could have been had I never taken it.

Ethan… on, May 15, 2023 • Taken for less than 1 month

Say goodbye to your manhood

I took this medication for over a year and had insidiously slow gradual sexual side effects until one day my penis and testicles went completely numb. For a year doctors thought I was crazy and I thought I had a spinal problem because I developed Pudendal Neuropathy from this drug. When I started it in 2020 I did tons of research, and PFS was not even talked about. About 5% of the studies showed permanent side effects. In the time I took it, countless studies were done showing how horrendous this drug is. Judge for yourself: well over 50% of these reviews are negative and those are only the reported ones. This drug will change you as a person and will steal your humanity from you. Conveniently I had to learn first hand the side effects are permanent. Say goodbye to your manhood and sex/relationship FOREVER.

Pure… on, April 7, 2023 • Taken for 1 to 2 years

Ask a Patient

Here is a recent review from

Total lack of sleep for two weeks

Side effects: Persistent cognitive dysfunction and loss of intellect/wit. Persistent anhedonia (lack of pleasure or reward). Persistent lack of emotion. Persistent vision changes. Persistent soft tissue wasting and skin issues. Persistent joint discomfort. Persistent prickly pain in penis and lack of pleasure with orgasm. Persistent erectile quality issues. Persistent insomnia and unrefreshing sleep. Persistently shrunken testicles.

Comments: I took finasteride for maybe a week. I developed a spacey feeling, sleep issues and weak/constricted erections a few days in. I then developed nonstop burning in the penis. Consequently, I decided to discontinue the drug. Everything then became a hellish nightmare. I crashed insanely hard. Total lack of sleep for two weeks to the point I went psychotic and had to go to a psych ward where they were still unable to get me to sleep. My penis contracted into my body as if I was freezing cold and temporarily turned an uncharacteristically dark color. I lost 15-20 pounds in the first few days. Constantly had to urinate. Had very oily stools. My skin during those two weeks was bone dry and I was unable to sweat. The burning penis pain also lasted throughout this entire ‘crash’ period. Some of these more extreme symptoms subsided or improved, but you can see the list of issues that have lasted 4+ months after quitting above. Please reconsider before rolling the dice. We currently have no way to know who will respond normally and who will respond like I have to this substance.

Male age 30, February 5, 2024 • 0.5 mg taken for approximately 7 days per comments

Persistent cognitive dysfunction and loss of intellect/wit. Persistent anhedonia (lack of pleasure or reward)… Persistent vision changes…soft tissue wasting and skin issues…joint discomfort…prickly pain in penis and lack of pleasure with orgasm…erectile quality issues…insomnia and unrefreshing sleep…shrunken testicles.

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