Firsthand experiences XVI: ‘My memory had dropped profoundly… my speech was slurred’

Source: r/tressless, a large hair loss forum on Reddit

Background: This forum has a strong pro-finasteride bias. Posts and comments on side effects or post-finasteride syndrome are often attacked by other users, or sometimes removed by moderators. This is probably why the user starts his post with “a lot of you will claim that I’m making this up or it’s not real…” See also related resources after the embedded post.

Excerpt (click embedded post below for full text):

Careful with finasteride


Then one day I couldn’t sleep, so I brushed it off as a fluke; maybe stress or something of the other even though my life was very low stress at that point. Then I couldn’t sleep for yet another day, and another. I went 3 full days of “sleeping” maybe 15 minutes. I took nyquil that 4th night and finally fell asleep. A month after I started noticing that my brain functionality had dropped, words were missing or incomplete and my memory had dropped profoundly. I couldn’t recall what I had for lunch an hour after eating. I was stumbling over words, my speech was slurred. I was experiencing depression and anxiety that seemingly came out of nowhere.

Being a teacher, I was talking for 8 hours a day and explaining complicated IT terminologies. I couldn’t recall things that I’d taught at least 7 or 8 times up to that point. My speech and memory were so impaired I remember one day I was having a hard time recalling the word “the”.

Reading books became a chore cause I couldn’t recall what I’d read the page prior. I felt like a prisoner trapped in my own body, where before I was so smooth in my interactions I was having a hard time keeping up conversations and people at work thought I was using drugs or even drinking at work. It was [f**ked].

I ended up losing the job.

See also
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