Most popular pages in 2023

Page views in 2023 were 70% higher than the previous year. Here’s a rundown of the ten most popular pages this year.


Dr. Schaeffer’s message could not have been more clear and direct. As of today, the episode has 567,000 views on YouTube alone.


Finasteride emerged from research on a very rare intersex population in the Dominican Republic. Their ambiguous sex characteristics foreshadow penile abnormalities associated with finasteride. This post needs an update to emphasize that these individuals in adulthood are better understood as intersex than male.


This list continues to grow as more physicians publicly acknowledge long-term risks and harms of finasteride.


This index shows the far-reaching impact of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, from sex and reproduction to brain and mind, eyes, the musculoskeletal system, and more.


The term “5-alpha syndrome” is used because the disorder can apparently arise from any 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, not just finasteride. The other common ones are dutasteride and saw palmetto.


This table, based on FDA FAERS data from 2019–2021, is helpful to compare with other types of evidence such as research and patient self-reports.


Shows that finasteride has far-reaching effects on steroid metabolism, whereas most discussions focus only on DHT inhibition.


This episode received over 2 million views on YouTube alone. The podcast is popular with younger men who may be considering or currently taking finasteride for hair loss.


This post is aimed at men considering finasteride for hair loss. It compiles evidence on risks which is dispersed across various sources including the drug label and research literature.


These studies amount to a “smoking gun”: they show an association of finasteride and dutasteride with penile alterations including smooth muscle loss, fibrosis and reduced size and weight. Most are animal studies but two human studies report similar findings. This evidence is significant because penile alterations cannot be explained in psychological terms.