Adverse events affecting reproductive anatomy and sexual function in younger men who took finasteride

Summary This post documents adverse events (AEs) of finasteride affecting male reproductive anatomy and sexual function in men age 18–40, reported to US FDA from 2000 to 2020. See the Methodology section for more details. Categories in the table are not in the source data, but were applied based on AE descriptions: Category Adverse events(2000–2020) … Read more

The most-published researchers on adverse effects of finasteride for the treatment of hair loss

Most-published researchers This post covers researchers who have published at least three papers on adverse effects of finasteride and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors when taken as a treatment for hair loss, typically by younger men. Collectively, this group has published more than 60 papers on this topic. Keep in mind these caveats: This list does not … Read more

Paper: Differential gene expression in post-finasteride syndrome patients

By arrangement with the publisher, full text of the following paper is available: Howell S, Song W, Pastuszak A, Khera M. Differential gene expression in post-finasteride syndrome patients. J Sex Med. 2021;18(9):1479–1490. doi:10.1016/j.jsxm.2021.05.009. PMID: 34247957. Abstract Background An organic etiology underpinning post-finasteride syndrome, a constellation of persistent sexual, neuropsychiatric, and somatic symptoms reported by men … Read more

Firsthand experiences of finasteride – Volume VIII: Bald Truth edition

The Bald Truth is a radio show about hair loss which, according to its website, “has been advising listeners on issues ranging from building self confidence and creating sexual attraction to overcoming…the modern man’s Achilles’ heel, male pattern baldness.” Host Spencer Kobren founded the show over 19 years ago, and there are over 2,200 episodes … Read more

News – August 2021

Summary The Sexual Medicine Society of North America hosted a webinar including a talk about sexual dysfunction induced by finasteride and SSRIs. A study by Baylor researchers finding altered gene expression in post-finasteride patients was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The FDA added a new adverse event to the Propecia label: Hematospermia. The … Read more

Firsthand experiences of finasteride — Volume VII

These comments have been compiled from social media. Links to original posts and comments are provided after each quote. Finasteride destroyed my life and the life of other guys who committed suicide. what the hell are you saying? when i started i did not notice anything… then, very slowly, i started having anxiety, than depression, … Read more