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8 May 2019

  • Finasterida – Informações de segurança relacionadas ao uso do medicamento. Merck S.A., 10 de maio de 2019. Via
    • Excerpt in translation: “Patients should also be aware of the risk of sexual dysfunction (including erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder and decreased libido) during treatment with finasteride. Patients should also be informed that, based on individual case reports of patients, sexual dysfunction may also persist for more than 10 years after discontinuation of treatment.”
Internal publications

Parecer Técnico nº 4, de 22 de fevereiro de 2002. Via • PDF

Excerpt: “The Technical Board for Cosmetics (CATEC) recommends: Prohibiting the use of finasteride in cosmetic products.”

Drug information leaflets
Drug and doseForYear publishedDocument
Finasterida 1 mgPaciente2023View PDF
Finasterida 1 mgProfissional2023View PDF
Finasterida 1 mgPaciente2016View PDF
Finasterida 1 mgProfissional2016View PDF
Finasterida 5 mgPaciente2022View PDF
Finasterida 5 mgProfissional2022View PDF
Finasterida 5 mgPaciente2016View PDF
Finasterida 5 mgProfissional2016View PDF