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Men on finasteride asked to stay vigilant for possible psychiatric and sexual side effects – 29 April 2024

The MHRA will introduce a patient alert card to increase awareness among men taking finasteride about potential psychiatric and sexual side effects…

In some cases, sexual dysfunction has persisted in patients even after they have stopped taking finasteride. However, there is a lack of awareness of these potential side effects.

–UK MHRA press release

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Published 7 Mar 2023

Published 1 Jun 2022

Published 29 Dec 2021

Finasteride: rare reports of depression and suicidal thoughts – 24 May 2017

• since finasteride has been marketed there have been a number of spontaneous adverse drug reaction reports suggesting a possible link to depression, and in rare cases, suicidal thoughts

• advise patients to stop finasteride 1 mg (Propecia) immediately if they develop depression and inform a healthcare professional

• be aware that the product information for finasteride 5 mg (Proscar) already lists depression as a possible adverse reaction

Finasteride: potential risk of male breast cancer – 11 Dec 2014

Finasteride and the risk of male breast cancer – December 2009

Public Assessment Report – Finasteride 1 mg – 15 Jul 2009. Section 4.8 notes: “Persistence of erectile dysfunction after discontinuation of treatment with PROPECIA has been reported in post-marketing use.”