Research overview

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Related research

For hypothesis development and additional context; not specifically about adverse effects

Research tools

Selection principles

The bibliographies focus on adverse events (AEs) and the safety profile of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. Some studies focus primarily on AEs, while others are trials which include safety data. Studies which focus exclusively on efficacy, or give only cursory attention to AEs, are generally excluded. Trials of new products or techniques such as mesotherapy are generally not included.

The bibliographies aim to include all papers on the topic irrespective of their conclusions.

Conference abstracts in the main bibliography appear in a subgroup within each year, e.g., ‘2022 abstracts’. Abstracts generally report early results, and have not gone through a standard peer review process.

Getting access to full text

  • Some links to full text are provided in citations (e.g., ‘PMC full text’).
  • Check for full text buttons in PubMed as shown on this page.
  • Articles published in Elsevier journals may be requested through the Access for healthcare professionals & patients program.
  • In the United States, articles may be requested through your public library’s interlibrary loan service.
  • Search the web for the article title. Sometimes a copy is available on the public web.
  • Copies or pre-prints may be requested from the corresponding author. Look for their email on the article page, available by clicking the article’s DOI link.
  • This article from the Ronin Institute has more suggestions: Library / journal access.


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