Historical timeline

News stories

Sources on the early history of finasteride

The Merck files: a series

Merck’s Propecia business

Litigation history


National Center for Health Research (US): Taking Propecia or Proscar to Prevent Hair Loss is Associated with Depression, Anxiety, and Sexual Problems

Prescrire (France)

Worst Pills, Best Pills, a project of Public Citizen (US). Finasteride Drug Profile: “Do Not Use.” (Subscription required for full article)

Grey literature

See the grey literature bibliography for documents outside the peer-reviewed literature such as dissertations and blog posts.

Regulatory history

Regulation overview

Pharmacovigilance systems

FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) Public Dashboard

WHO VigiAccess (public access to VigiBase data)

Patient support, advocacy & resources


AVFIN (Aide aux Victimes du Finastéride) – France

PFS Network – Australia, US & global

PFS Research Association – Germany

Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation – United States “A free, independent drug safety website to help you weigh the benefits of any medication against its potential dangers.”

Discussion & support

PropeciaHelp Forum

Reddit: r/FinasterideSyndromer/PostFinSyndrome

Sindrome Post Finasteride Forum Italia – Italy

There have been relevant discussions on FrankTalk and Ray Peat Forum (search for ‘finasteride’).

See also: Where are firsthand reports of lasting dysfunctions?

Hair loss discussions & media

The Bald Truth

HairLossTalk forum – Online Health Networks, Inc.

Hair Restoration Social Network (Background)


Medical & industry organizations

Medical specialty associations

American Academy of Dermatology

American Urological Association

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS)

Industry associations

American Hair Loss Association (founded by Spencer Kobren, host of The Bald Truth — see Hair loss discussions & media)

Hair Transplant Network

Telehealth companies

See a separate page on telehealth companies such as Hims, Keeps and Roman which prescribe finasteride as a treatment for hair loss.


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