Telehealth companies: Hims, Keeps, Roman and more


Happy Head

Description: “Happy Head is a prescription grade & personalized hair loss solution for those that are experiencing hair loss.”

Products: Monthly subscription for proprietary topical finasteride (0.25%) solution costing $79/month as of April 2024. View more products


Founders: Dr. Ben Behnam and Dr. Sean Behnam (Meet Happy Head Founders)

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA



Launched in 2017…

Our digital platform enables access to treatments for a broad range of conditions, including those related to sexual health, hair loss, dermatology, mental health, and weight loss… Since our founding, we have facilitated nearly twenty million telehealth consultations… Hims & Hers products can also be found in tens of thousands of top retail locations in the United States.

Mission: To help the world feel great through the power of better health.

We work to build a brand that is trusted by our customers, easy-to-use, and normalizes the practice of seeking and receiving treatment…

We…offer access to personalized prescription and non-prescription treatments that are designed to meet individual needs.

…Care accessed through the Hims & Hers platform is subject to evidence-based clinical guidelines and delivered by highly-trained healthcare providers to ensure consistency and quality. Our medical advisory board helps ensure the utmost quality of care on our platform. With these measures in place, we are able to deliver access to quality care and treatment that is fast and convenient.

From Form 10-K filed with SEC

Products: Finasteride product page | Apostrophe: Finasteride information page

Advertising: See Hims ads below

Websites: | dermatology-focused telehealth company acquired by Hims in 2021

Medical advisory board members (dermatology and urology only), as of April 2024:

  • Urology: Dr. Denise Asafu-Adjei, Dr. Stanton Honig, Dr. Lawrence Jenkins, Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy, Dr. Ashley Tapscott
  • Dermatology: Dr. Justin Ko, Dr. Arash Mostaghimi, Dr. Sara Perkins, Dr. Sandy Skotnicki

Affiliations: Hims sponsored a Men’s Health Fellowship Bootcamp offered by the Sexual Medicine Society of North America in 2023 (source: LinkedIn post).

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Media coverage:



Keeps was founded in 2018 by two longtime friends — Steve Gutentag and Demetri Karagas — who struggled to find a good solution to their own hair loss. Rather than accept that there was no good way to treat their own hair loss, they created Keeps — the most affordable way for guys across the country to get an expert-backed hair loss treatment plan. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of guys get their hair and confidence back.

Today, Keeps is a first-class healthcare experience, offering access to the top experts and treatments in a way that’s both simple and affordable. We built Keeps because we want you—not your genetics—to decide what happens on your head.

About Us page

Products: Finasteride (1 mg) | All hair loss products

Advertising: See Keeps ads below

Websites: | Parent company: Thirty Madison


Medical article

Headquarters: New York, NY

Lemonaid Health

Description: “Lemonaid Health was founded with one goal: to bring more convenient, affordable health care to all Americans. We were born in San Francisco in 2013 and have since helped hundreds of thousands of patients get access to care from the comfort of their homes.” Health services span mental health, men’s health, women’s health, skin, testing and general health. Originally backed by venture capital investors, Lemonaid Health was acquired by 23andme in 2021 (Press release via Yahoo! Finance).

Products: Finasteride 1 mg | Hair loss products


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Description: “Roman is convenient men’s healthcare. From the online visit to contact-free delivery with ongoing care, expect a seamless experience.” Health categories include sexual health, weight loss, fertility, hair and skin.

Products: Oral finasteride


Medical Advisory Board members include:

  • Seth Cohen, MD (profile at NYU Grossman School of Medicine)
  • Michael Eisenberg, MD (See his comments on risks of finasteride on the Huberman Lab podcast)
  • Michael Perelman, PhD (See a tweet about Dr. Perelman’s 2024 commentary on post-finasteride syndrome and another about his past work linked to Merck’s defense in Propecia litigation)
  • Claus Roehrborn, MD (Was an investigator and co-author with Merck researchers on Proscar (finasteride 5 mg) trials)

Headquarters: New York, NY

Strut Health

Description: “Strut Health was founded to make important healthcare available to everyone. We are driven to improve the digital clinic experience and remove the stigma associated with certain product categories.” Product categories include hair loss, sexual health, testing and weight loss. Founded by Dr. Sinal Patel in 2020 (Business Wire).

Products: Men’s hair loss products | Finasteride tablets


Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Media coverage

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More articles on telehealth companies by Rolfe Winkler in the Wall Street Journal.


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Prescribing guidelines

UK Digital Clinical Excellence Forum (DiCE). Best Practice Guidelines For Online Prescribing of 5-alpha-reductase Inhibitors for Androgenic Alopecia. May 1, 2024. PDF outside UK • Within UK

Examples of advertising

Hims ad in a New York City subway station in April 2020.
Hims ad in a New York City subway station in April 2020.
Part of a Hims ad posted to Reddit on February 7, 2023.
Keeps ad on a New York City bus in 2022.
Keeps ad on a New York City subway in 2022.