Firsthand experiences XVIII: ‘Wish I could go back in time and not take it’

Earlier this month the YouTube channel Cortex Labs posted a long video titled “Post Finasteride Syndrome Deniers – A Dangerous Precedent.” It drew hundreds of comments, some of which described ongoing problems after stopping finasteride. Below is a selection of these comments, posted between June 11 and today. rcbash*** 3.5 years of this nightmare. Thank … Read more

Firsthand experiences XVII: ‘The mental stuff was like, wow’

In this brief video, a user says the hardest part of his post-finasteride experience was mental difficulties. He does not go into detail except to say he had suicidal thoughts and “mental fog.” In college at the time, he began working out and stopped drinking alcohol for a period. Later on, when he had a … Read more

Firsthand experiences XVI: ‘My memory had dropped profoundly… my speech was slurred’

A user wrote on a Reddit hair loss forum: “A month after I started noticing that my brain functionality had dropped, words were missing or incomplete and my memory had dropped profoundly. I couldn’t recall what I had for lunch an hour after eating. I was stumbling over words, my speech was slurred. I was experiencing depression and anxiety that seemingly came out of nowhere.”

Firsthand experiences XIV: Recent reviews on & Ask a Patient

More reviews have been posted online since a compilation was published in 2023. While some are positive, others are alarming and consistent with adverse event reports submitted to FDA as well as media reports and some research. Find recent negative reviews from the and Ask a Patient websites below. Emphasis has been added in … Read more

New bibliography of case reports and series

A new bibliography of case reports & series is available. The papers come from a wide range of medical specialties including dermatology, hematology, hepatology, neurology, ophthalmology, pediatrics and andrology. Most were already in the main bibliography, but a few new ones were discovered. View the new bibliography: Case reports & series

Finasteride appears on Prescrire’s latest ‘Drugs to Avoid’ list

Prescrire, an independent patient safety organization based in France, has updated its Drugs to Avoid guide. Finasteride appears in the 2024 edition, and has also been included in past editions. The guide notes: Finasteride 1 mg, a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, has very modest efficacy in androgenic alopecia in men: it increases hair density on the … Read more

From LSD to Zoloft, drugs can leave lasting damage

SUMMARY: Post-drug disorders are not side effects that linger, but lasting changes that may be severe and irreversible. These disorders are linked to prescribed drugs as well as recreational drugs, and can arise after one dose, long-term use, or abuse. This post covers post-drug disorders linked to use of alcohol, hallucinogens, antidepressants, benzodiazepenes, isotretinoin (also … Read more