Firsthand experiences of finasteride — Volume IV: FOIA requests

Following are men’s reports of symptoms they attributed to finasteride. Reports to FDA were obtained by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Took finasteride (propecia) 1mg daily for about 9 months. For the last couple of month I developed erectile dysfunction so I stopped taking finasteride. I’m now 3 months without finasteride and symptoms have … Read more

Firsthand experiences of finasteride — Volume II

These posts and comments were found on social media sites such as Reddit. Links to original posts are provided below each post. I’m genuinely just scared that I’m stuck like this and there’s no one I can go to for help. I need some comfort in my situation please I took finasteride a few days … Read more

A report of severe anxiety and tinnitus attributed to finasteride

I came across this post on the hair loss-focused subreddit r/tressless: My experience with severe anxiety and tinnitus as a result of finasteride Hello, I just made this account to post my experience with finasteride in response to another post, but thought it should be it’s own post. I quit taking Finasteride in March of … Read more