Firsthand experiences XIII: Recent reviews on & Ask a Patient

More reviews have been posted online since a compilation was published in 2023. While some are positive, others are alarming and consistent with adverse event reports submitted to FDA as well as media reports and some research. Find recent negative reviews from the and Ask a Patient websites below. Emphasis has been added in … Read more

Firsthand experiences X: Saw palmetto & nettle

Men turn to saw palmetto, a plant-based supplement, because prescription drugs may be unavailable or too costly. Some see the palm supplement as having a lower risk of side effects. Regulators say it is safe, but online, it is not difficult to find reports of men with adverse experiences after using saw palmetto which resemble the post-finasteride disorder.

Firsthand experiences VIII: The Bald Truth show

The Bald Truth is a radio show about hair loss which, according to its website, “has been advising listeners on issues ranging from building self confidence and creating sexual attraction to overcoming…the modern man’s Achilles’ heel, male pattern baldness.” Host Spencer Kobren founded the show over 19 years ago, and there are over 2,200 episodes … Read more

Firsthand experiences VII

These comments have been compiled from social media. Links to original posts and comments are provided after each quote. Finasteride destroyed my life and the life of other guys who committed suicide. what the hell are you saying? when i started i did not notice anything… then, very slowly, i started having anxiety, than depression, … Read more