Reckoning with underreporting—response to Lauck et al, 2024

We do not know if the medical records used in this study are sensitive to sexual dysfunction in healthy men, and especially in men taking these drugs for hair loss. Since the study includes men taking 5-ARIs, the results do not shed light on why sexual dysfunction might persist after stopping these drugs.

Men’s fitness influencers are raising alarms about finasteride risks

Fitness influencers draw in an audience of younger men who want to be stronger, better-performing, and in some cases more attractive. Some guys worry that hair loss will dim their prospects for dating, sex and relationships—or even professional success. In the era of Instagram, body-hacking and telehealth companies such as Hims and Keeps, young men’s … Read more

The view from the Overton window

The Overton window describes the range of policy ideas currently acceptable to the public. The range moves over time: policies that were unthinkable a decade ago might be under discussion today. For example, marijuana legalization used to be a symbol of membership in the counterculture and dealing pot could result in a jail sentence. Today, … Read more