Firsthand experiences XVII: ‘The mental stuff was like, wow’

In this brief video, a user says the hardest part of his post-finasteride experience was mental difficulties. He does not go into detail except to say he had suicidal thoughts and “mental fog.” In college at the time, he began working out and stopped drinking alcohol for a period. Later on, when he had a … Read more

Men’s fitness influencers are raising alarms about finasteride risks

Fitness influencers draw in an audience of younger men who want to be stronger, better-performing, and in some cases more attractive. Some guys worry that hair loss will dim their prospects for dating, sex and relationships—or even professional success. In the era of Instagram, body-hacking and telehealth companies such as Hims and Keeps, young men’s … Read more

Firsthand experiences IX: A physician experienced insomnia, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction months after stopping finasteride

The Bald Truth is a podcast about hair loss. In a 2015 episode, a man who said he was a nephrologist in Baltimore called in to speak about his post-finasteride experience. He said he had side effects while taking finasteride, but four months after stopping, he experienced insomnia, fatigue and sexual dysfunction. He said the … Read more