Merck and GlaxoSmithKline called on influential physicians to promote Proscar, Propecia and Avodart. The physicians lent credibility to the new drugs while receiving benefits in return, including research opportunities, publication credits, prestige and compensation. After drug approval, some went on to write practice guidelines and deliver presentations about how to prescribe the drug. The role is known as the key opinion leader (KOL). Their activities spurred colleagues in their specialty to prescribe the new drug, generating billions in revenue for Merck. Click the Profile link to view more details.


  • Wilma Bergfeld, MD (Profile)– Cleveland Clinic; Am Acad Derm (B,P)
  • Lynn Drake, MD (Profile) – Univ Oklahoma; Am Acad Derm (B,P)
  • Elise Olsen, MD (Profile) – Duke Univ; Asst Ed, JAAD
  • Vera Price, MD (Profile) – UCSF; Am Acad Derm (B,VP)
  • Janet Roberts, MD (Profile) – Private practice, Portland, Oregon; Oregon Health Sci Univ
  • Jerry Shapiro, MD (Profile) – NYU; Ed Board, JAAD; Keeps Advisor
  • Antonella Tosti, MD (Profile) – Univ Miami; Editor-in-Chief, Skin Appendage Disord; Keeps Advisor
  • David Whiting, MD (Profile) – UT Southwestern (formerly); Dallas Assoc Dermatol


  • Dow Stough, MD (Profile) – The Stough Hair Center, Arkansas
  • Ken Washenik, MD (Profile) – CMO, Bosley; NYU Grossman, NYU Langone


  • Gerald Andriole, MD (Profile) – Washington Univ (formerly); Johns Hopkins Univ
  • Steven Kaplan, MD (Profile) – Mount Sinai
  • Herbert Lepor, MD (Profile) – NYU
  • John McConnell, MD (Profile) – UT Southwestern
  • Kevin McVary, MD (Profile) – Northwestern Univ (formerly); Southern Illinois Univ
  • J. Curtis Nickel, MD (Profile) – Queen’s Univ, Canada; Kingston Gen Hosp
  • Claus Roehrborn, MD (Profile) – UT Southwestern
  • Patrick Walsh, MD (Profile) – Johns Hopkins Univ


  • Julianne Imperato-McGinley, MD (Profile) – Weill Cornell