In co-author lists, Merck researchers appear in italics. Study groups were formed by Merck unless noted as GSK groups.

Gerald Andriole, MD
Division of Urology, Washington University School of Medicine; moved to Department of Urology, Johns Hopkins University

Steven Kaplan, MD
Columbia Presbyterian College of Physicians & Surgeons; moved to Mount Sinai

  • Investigator of a Merck-sponsored patient satisfaction study (see Kaplan 1996)
  • PLESS Study Group
  • MTOPS: Principal Investigator at New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • Paid consultant to Merck (disclosed in McConnell 2003)
  • Co-authors: Waldstreicher, Andriole, Lepor, McConnell, McVary, Roehrborn
  • Papers

Herbert Lepor, MD
Department of Urology, New York University Medical Center

  • Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Study Group
  • MTOPS: Investigator
  • Co-authors: Gormley, Andriole, Kaplan, McConnell, McVary, Roehrborn
  • Papers

John McConnell, MD
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas

Kevin McVary, MD
Northwestern University; in 2013, moved to Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

  • MTOPS: Principal Investigator at Northwestern University Clinical Center
    • Paid consultant and speaker
  • Co-authors: Andriole, Kaplan, Lepor, McConnell, Roehrborn
  • Papers
  • Other roles and activities
    • Retained by Merck as an expert for Propecia litigation (disclosed in Baas 2018)
    • Delivered presentation: Post-finasteride syndrome: an evaluation of the FAERS data on 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. Fact, fantasy or forget about it? At: Indiana Urologic Association conference; February 24, 2018; Indianapolis, Indiana. Archived
    • Delivered presentation: Post-finasteride syndrome: fact, fantasy or forgetaboutit? At: Advances in Urology Care symposium; October 2019; Bora Bora, French Polynesia. Archived tweet
    • Learn more about Dr. McVary’s communications regarding adverse effects of finasteride: Tapped by Merck for litigation defense, a physician-researcher sowed doubts about finasteride harms

J. Curtis Nickel, MD
Queen’s University, Kingston General Hospital, Canada

  • Merck relationships
    • PLESS Study Group
    • PROSPECT Study Group
    • Co-inventor of Merck patent, Cox-2i for prostatitis (rofecoxib?)
  • GSK relationships
    • ARIA Study Investigators
    • EPICS trial
    • Consultant and investigator (disclosed in Roehrborn 2002 and Nickel 2011)
    • “[C]onsulting on a non-related patent lawsuit” (disclosed in Hagberg 2016)
  • Co-authors: Stoner, Waldstreicher, Andriole, McConnell, Rittmaster, Roehrborn, Walsh
  • Papers

Claus Roehrborn, MD
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

  • Merck relationships
    • PLESS Study Group
    • MTOPS Study Group
    • Paid consultant and speaker (disclosed in McConnell 2003)
  • GSK relationships
    • ARIA Study Investigators
    • Investigator and consultant (disclosed in Roehrborn 2002)
  • Co-authors: Waldstreicher, Andriole, Kaplan, Lepor, McConnell, McVary, Nickel, Walsh
  • Papers
  • Other industry ties
    • Advisor to telehealth company Roman as of June 2024
    • Disclosed in Glina et al, 2015: “Financial interests and/or other relationships with Allergan, Inc., Afferent Pharmaceuticals, Auxiliary Medical Services, Cancer and Leukemia Group B Clinical Trial Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Lilly, New England Research Institutes, NeoTract, Inc., National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Protox, Southwest Oncology Group, Urologix, Inc., VA Corporate Studies, and Watson Pharmaceuticals.”

Patrick Walsh, MD
Johns Hopkins University